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40 Snakes: 40 different gameplay in one game.

40 Snakes

Everyone played snake game before. But no one meets 40+ different gameplay of snake in one game. Challenge yourself by trying all possible snakes, must be some game play become your favorites.

* Support resolution of iPhone 5 *
* Universal for both iPhone and iPad *
* Free to play *


Turret Commander: A real 3D FPS turret shooting game.

Turret Commander: Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

Get behind the powerful tail guns in the turret of a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber in this high-octane 3D shooter and blast the enemy planes out of the sky. Experience the blistering-hot, immersive action of aerial dog fighting as never before when you become the Turret Commander!

* Top One Game in Portugal *
* Retina support for the New iPad *


Roblade:Design&Fight, available on AppStore.


Roblade combines the two worlds of robot design and fast paced fighting. It allows you to design your own robots using different parts, and then bring them to life by designing any fight action you can imagine. Let them fight different enemies in the arena to earn coins, use coins to upgrade your robots or buy new parts, such as weapons, batteries, or a rocket launcher.


Little Lost Chick, published by Chillingo.

Bruce is a curious little baby bird that always seems to be getting himself into trouble. He’s always sneaking away from his nest to explore the world around him, and usually ends up lost. Can you use your mind and reflexes to get him back home before momma bird finds out?

Cute, clever, and crazy addictive, you'll keep telling yourself, "Just one more level before bed." Both kids and adults will eat this up. Read More...

Little Lost Chick

Little Lost Chick HD

Little Lost Chick HD Lite